Rotary Kazık Sondaj
  • Rotary Kazık Sondaj

Rotary Kazık Sondaj

KDV Dahil 45 Gün

Köprü, baraj, tünel ve ağır yapılarda kazık delme makinesi


SR450ERotary Drill Rig 1. The hydraulic system adopts full electronic control technology, fast response,good control performance, according to the requirements of theworkingconditions to adjust the main pump work The auxiliary system adopts load sensitive control technology, andthecomprehensive construction efficiency of the system is increased by 20%. 2. The rotary drilling rig special H type hydraulic telescopic crawler chassis,equipped with large diameter slewing bearing, with chassis disassemblylegs, toensure the stability of work and transportation convenience; 3 Equipped with Cummins 15L electronically controlled turbochargedengine,strong power, low fuel consumption, convenient and fast service, theuseofelectronic intercooling fan, low noise; 3. Power head using vertical pin connected power box and bracket, highreliability,and convenient disassembly and assembly; Supporting pipe drive toimprovedrilling casing ability; The power box is equipped with a circulatingfiltrationsystem to keep the cleanliness of the gear oil of the box and the full lubricationofthe shaft bearing; 4. The use of double vertical plate box type rotary platformstructure, operationismore stable and reliable, rotary table tail installation leg, can reduce the equipmentinto the rock construction shaking; 5. The main winch, pin connection, high connection strength, convenientdisassembly and assembly. Box structure main winch bracket, safe andreliablestructure. The main winch can reach 520k N to meet the service conditionofM6,and the maximum life of the reducer can reach 10000h; 6. Intelligent control system to achieve vertical drilling mast automatic adjustmentand display, automatic earth throwing (adjustable frequency), constant speedcruise, pressure stepless regulation, bottom protection and other functions, usingbus panel design, limited to prevent misoperation, with 12 inch touchscreendisplay and electric control handle, better control performance; SR450E Rotary Drilling Rig Technical SpecificationParameters Engine Model / CumminsQSX15 Power W 399 Power head Rated output torque N ﹒ m 450 rotate speed r/min 7~25 High speed soil dumping (optional) r/min 50 Max. Drilling dia. mm 3000 Drilling depth JS580-4 ×20 m 72 JS580-4 ×21 76 MZ580-6 ×21 114 Pressure parameter Max. pressure N 400 Max. hoist capacity N 400 Max. stroke m  Cylinder compression speed:6 Winch pressure:10(16)  Main Winch Max. hoist capacity N 520 Max. winch speed m/min 68 Diameter of wire rope mm 42  Auxiliary Winch Max. hoist capacity N 100 Max. winch speed m/min 50 Chassis Width of track plate mm 900 Track widening mm 3700-5300 Track length mm 6787 Walking speed km/h 1.5 Weight t 150 k k k k k k SR450E Rotary Drilling Rig Technical SpecificationWorking condition TTransportation condition SR450E Rotary Drilling Rig Technical SpecificationList of major components Major components Maufacturer Engine Cummins Power head reducer Breveny (standard) Liebherr (optional) Power head motor Rexroth Hydraulic main pump Rexroth Hydraulic main valve Rexroth Main winch reducer Clentiazem Main winch motor Rexroth Rotary reducer Rexroth Rotary motor Rexroth Secondary winch reducer Denture Secondary winch motor Rexroth Pressure winch reducer Rexroth Pressure winch motor Rexroth Controller Rexroth Display Wica

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